Booth Group of Companies

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Booth Group of Companies is a diverse business conglomerate specializing in various industries, including finance, technology, and operations. The company is committed to innovation, growth, and maintaining high standards of excellence in all its ventures. As a key player in its sectors, Booth Group focuses on strategic management, operational efficiency, and fostering a collaborative company culture to achieve sustained success and expansion.
Date Range
May 2020 – March 2022
Booth Group of Companies
Work Detail
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer
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  • Successfully managed the accounting and finance functions, ensuring strategic alignment with business goals.
  • Implemented robust internal controls and accounting policies, enhancing financial integrity.
  • Directed financial systems upgrades and managed relationships with auditors and investors.
Key Responsibilities
  • Strategic Management: Provided strategic oversight of accounting and finance functions.
  • Policy Development: Directed accounting policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure financial integrity.
  • Audit Coordination: Managed relationships with independent auditors to ensure compliance and transparency.
  • Technology Collaboration: Collaborated with CIOs on technology decisions to improve financial systems.
  • Financial Systems: Oversaw the implementation and upgrade of financial systems.
  • Investor Relations: Managed relationships with investors and investment institutions.
  • Risk Management: Identified and managed business risks and insurance requirements.
  • Team Leadership: Hired, trained, and retained skilled accounting and finance staff.
  • Operational Design: Designed and implemented business operations, strategies, and procedures.
  • Policy Establishment: Established policies promoting company culture and vision.
  • Daily Operations: Oversaw daily operations and executive performance in IT, Marketing, Sales, and Finance.
  • Performance Evaluation: Analyzed data and metrics to evaluate company performance.
  • Reporting: Submitted reports to the CEO on critical matters.
  • Fundraising Support: Assisted the CEO in fundraising ventures.
  • Expansion Activities: Participated in investments, acquisitions, and corporate alliances.
  • Vendor Management: Managed relationships with partners and vendors.